Welcome to the Healthy Eating Spot. If you are like me, I am sure you have seen the various diets, and weight loss programs that exist today. Some of them have merit and some of them don’t. I am not here to pass judgment on any of them. What I am here to do is promote making healthier food choices, no matter what our lifestyle may be. It is very possible to make better food choices whether we are at home, at a friend’s house, or out at a restaurant.

Though we eat everyday, we are not always aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Processed food and fast foods tend to make up quite a bit of what is consumed on a daily basis. That brings us to the question, what truly is “healthy eating”? There certainly are some rules. Let’s not even refer to them as rules. They are more like guidelines to eating in a healthier manner. Anyone can eat healthy and anyone can achieve results. Whether you want to lose weight or cure ailments. You will find something here for you.

When I have discussed healthy eating with various people I have heard the following reasons for not doing it:

• It is too expensive

• Healthy food looks bad

• Healthy food lacks taste

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to eat organic or premium/higher priced foods there is nothing wrong with that. However, that does not mean that you are automatically eating healthy. It also does not have to mean the food is bland, tasteless, and awful to look at. What it can mean is:

• New food choices

• Fewer health-related issues

• Increased energy

Feel free to check out topics such as specific foods and ingredients, which will take the mystery out of healthy recipes. We will also discuss how to create effective shopping lists, which will also be useful in putting together a meal plan that is right for you. In addition to that you will be able to find some tips on healthy snacks, and getting healthier skin or hair through the food you eat.

Thanks for coming in to the Healthy Eating Spot, and enjoy all that we have to offer.




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